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Senior Safety Help in Internet Education, Learning, and Device support.

Introducing New Services for Seniors & Senior
Living Communities

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Senior.SHIELD Workshop Topics

Each Workshop will consist of 30 minutes of training/support followed by 20+ minutes of hands-on learning (actual doing) and Q&A. 
 Understanding Internet Risks
  • Overview of Common Internet Risks for Seniors: Fraud, Scams, and Predators

  • Examples of Common Internet Scams and Fraudulent Activities Targeting Seniors

  • Discussion on Identifying Red Flags and Suspicious Online Behavior

Recognizing and Avoiding Online Scams

Overview of Common Online Scams Targeting Seniors: Lottery Scams, Tech Support Scams, and Romance Scams

  • Warning Signs of Online Scams and Fraudulent Offers

  • Strategies for Avoiding Online Scams and Protecting Against Financial Loss

Protecting Personal Information

Importance of Protecting Personal Information Online

  • Tips for Safeguarding Personal Information: Strong Passwords, Two Factor   Authentication, and Secure Websites

  • Explanation of Phishing Emails and How to Recognize and Avoid Them

Keeping Grandkids Safe Online
  • Importance of Supervising Children's Online Activities

  • Tips for Keeping Grandkids Safe Online: Setting Parental Controls, Monitoring Internet Usage, and Educating Children about Online Safety

  • Discussion on Open Communication and Establishing Trust with Grandchildren Regarding Online Activities

Elderly Internet Safety Stats

Senior Scams

Seniors lose an estimated $30 billion each year to online scams, with nearly 954,000 seniors having to skip meals or suffer other financial hardships as a result.


In 2020 alone, Americans over the age of 50 reported $ 1.8 billion in losses due to cybercrime, with the average dollar loss per victim being $9,484.

Next to our children, our senior citizens are the most targeted demographic by cyber-criminals.

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