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FortSafety Ambassador


Katharine Joyce

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John provided invaluable information on Internet safety. I feel much better equipped to protect my children from cyberspace predators. I would highly recommend him as a resource for keeping families safe when surfing the web!

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Astrid Ross

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John and Fort Safety are exactly what’s needed in this new post-COVID world where children have too much social media access, too little parental supervision and degraded social skills. As an Educator, we’ve seen our students mature in the worst ways over the past few years. Thanks John for all that you do!

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Marcia Cristal

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What an awesome and comprehensive approach in sharing the perils many of our students face when online interactions go awry, not to mention the continuing consequences of those actions into adulthood.

Middle School Student #LifeHacks Event

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The speaker deeply touched me with his message to use the light inside of you.

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Dr. Linda Clark Davis

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The discussions during the Mental Health and Wellness program were relevant to the needs of our students. Students were engaged and open to sharing. Many walked away asking if we could offer again in small groups. Teachers commented this was a great way to informally get students thoughts and insight into their world and what they are dealing with. Resulting in being able to reach them where they are. Great job! Very informative.

Riya Sethi

FortSafety Ambassador

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Tina Sartori Buck

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Every parent and child with a cell phone or internet, needs to attend a Fort Safety!!!!


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