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Discover a Life Beyond Screens: Your Recovery Begins Now.


Meet John

Certified Digital Addiction Life Coach and Speaker

Break free from screen addiction! Do you struggle with what you are looking at on your phone? Are you worried about how much time your kids spend gaming or if they talk to predators online? Are your relationships falling apart due to your online habits? My name is John Winstanley, and I am a certified Digital Addiction Coach with 20 years of digital sober experience, 180 hours of digital addiction recovery training, and 12 years of teaching internet safety from the stage to over 115,000 people. Let me help you break free from those chains of addiction today! Let's talk. Book your free consultation today!


What I Specialize In







ALERT Families


Digital addiction coaching is like a 911 call that you can make that can save your life from the shame of addiction, broken relationships, shattered careers and hopelessness. Without John,  I wouldn’t have accomplished what I did.

- Digital Addiction Coach Client, Male 63

I couldn’t recommend John more highly as a digital addiction coach who has helped me combat and continue to combat and heal from my addiction. Meeting John as a coach allowed me to see a positive and successful path forward from my addiction to technology and means I can see a way forward from someone who has faced the same addiction and natural obstacles but found a way on.

-RADD Group client

John Winstanley is a very enthusiastic and engaging person! So thankful for the time and energy he took with us to help us become more aware of social media. Fort Safety is the best! Keep up the great work!

-Mom of 12-year-old, ALERT Families Client 


I believe that everyone deserves a chance to recover and lead a balanced, healthy, and fulfilling value-driven life. Fueled by that conviction, I am committed to providing support and guidance tailored to each individual and family's unique situation. I will be with you every step of the way.

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Mastering Online Safety: Empowering Families in the Digital World 


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