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ALERT Internet Safety System

Internet Safety Workshop for Everybody

ALERT is FortSafety’s critically acclaimed, Google Reviews 5 Star Rated internet safety program that teaches any audience how to protect themselves from digital dangers in 5 easy steps. 10 years in the making, this highly customizable master class in internet safety can be taught to parents, grandparents, caregivers, nonprofits, educators, and civic organizations. 


Unlike any other internet safety programs, the ALERT system requires no prior technical skills…literally anybody can learn how to protect their loved ones from digital dangers ( online predators or cyberbullying)  and toxic cyber habits (excessive gaming or social media obsession).  

Some of the Topics Covered:


  • Identifying inappropriate technology use

  • Addressing Sexting and Personal Privacy

  • Recognizing symptoms of gaming addiction

  • Teaching and modeling empathy and empowerment

  • Positive social media use

  • Template for creating Internet safety system in your home

As John says during the introduction of ALERT: 


Pointing at the audience, “Let me put you at ease right now…you all have the capability to become the digital protector your family and friends need. Let me put it another way: you are the most effective internet safety service on the planet… because you won't break or need updating, become obsolete, or ever give up on your kids. Own that! “

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