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Invite John to Speak at Your Event...

Bring John Winstanley to speak, educate, and inspire your audience at your next school, parent, or community event.


Whether virtual or in-person, John will deliver a presentation you'll never forget that will equip your internet safety habits you can start using today!


“John informs, equips, and empowers parents to create an internet safety plan that enables us to protect our children and youth.”

Reverend Doctor Wendy Jones

Orchard Church, Longanville, GA

"I almost didn’t come because 'it didn’t relate to our preschool children'. Was I wrong! The entire time I was also thinking as a grandmother of 6 (oldest granddaughter aged 10 – yeah, I know – that scary age). I was mesmerized by your presentation and awakened to so much!"

Nan Konze

Preschool Teacher, Columbus, GA

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