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FortSafety was forged out of the fires of frustration of watching children, students, adults, and marriages fall victim to the damages caused by hidden digital secrets on their internet capable devices- with NOBODY saying or doing anything about them:

  • Suicide rates in tweens and teens have doubled and self harming has tripled over the last couple of years due to cyber bullying and other online issues. Suicide is now the second leading cause of deaths among 10 – 24 year olds.
  • 55% of divorces in our country are contributed to one party having an “excessive interest in pornographic websites”.
  • 62% of teens report receiving a nude image form someone via text, email, social media, or apps. There isn’t a middle or high school in this country that isn’t struggling to find a way to deal with the legal and personal ramifications of underage students sending and receiving “sexts” (considered child pornography).
  • 76 percent of tweens, and 78 percent of teens report being bullied online, and only 11 percent tell their parents.
  • The average age of initial pornography exposure was 11, now it is 9, with the numbers trending towards 6 years old. 85 percent of the time, that first exposure occurs in our homes where we as parents have the most control. Less than 30% of households use any kind of internet filtering or monitoring.

Fort Safety’s mission is provide hope, healing, and confidence by shining light of awareness on to what we do, see, and feel online.  We empower schools and churches to stop the spread of digital toxicity by creating engaging events that educate and build confidence. Last year we reached our goal of impacting over 10,000 parents and students since our inception.  Our new goal is to double that number in the next 2 years…and that is where we need your help:

Online safety is a universal issue that affects everyone. In fact, we believe it is the single most important issue NOT being talked about. Do you know a school or church community that could benefit from our mission? Please connect with us by contacting us here or any of the social media platforms. 

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