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Welcome to FortSafety - Your Resource for Internet Safety issues such as: 

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Overcoming online bullying in schools

Protecting your Kids from predators 

Helping your family find ways to reduce screen time

Providing Digital Addiction Coaching Services (such as Gaming, gambling, pornography)

FortSafety - Your Digital Defender:
Tackling Cyberbullying, Predators, and Digital Addictions Head-On

At FortSafety, we understand the challenges of navigating the digital world, where bullying, excessive screen time, and gaming addiction can affect individuals of all ages.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive support, guidance, and coaching to help you or your loved ones regain control of your life, build resilience, and lead healthier, happier lives.

Marcia Cristal

“What an awesome and comprehensive approach in sharing the perils many of our students face when online interactions go awry, not to mention the continuing consequences of those actions into adulthood."

Astrid Ross

"John and Fort Safety are exactly what’s needed in this new post-COVID world where children have too much social media access, too little parental supervision and degraded social skills. As an Educator, we’ve seen our students mature in the worst ways over the past few years. Thanks John for all that you do!"

Emily Felton

"Attended a training that John hosted yesterday and it was very informative and eye opening in regards to internet safety and ways to protect your loved ones. Thoroughly enjoyed his energy and hearing about Fort Safety. Thank you for sharing your expertise! Look forward to seeing how Fort Safety grows."

What is Fort Safety?

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Fort Safety provides families and communities with practical instruction and preventative measures to address the daily challenges of internet safety, online harassment, and Technology-born addictions.

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Fort Safety shines the light of awareness and hope on to what we do, see, and feel while online


Fort Safety strives to provide every parent and caregiver in America the knowledge and power to protect their kids from online threats.

Welcome to The Fort

Learn, Grow, and Protect Your Family!

Invite John to Speak

Fort Safety founder and CEO John Winstanley travels the country speaking to families, church's and schools about the critical steps they can take to secure our children's future. Contact John today to have the Fort Safety Team create a custom tailored event for your audience.


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