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Thank you for visiting our website. We understand the importance of privacy to Internet users, and this Privacy Policy outlines how we handle the personal information collected on this site. We kindly request that you carefully read this Privacy Policy before using our website or providing any personal information. Your use of this website signifies your acceptance of the privacy practices detailed in this Privacy Policy. Please be aware that these practices may undergo occasional updates, but we will promptly post any changes. We encourage you to revisit this Privacy Policy each time you visit our website to ensure you comprehend how your personal information may be utilized.

Information We Collect

To effectively serve our customers, we gather personally identifiable information, including names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and, on occasion, credit card details when voluntarily provided by our visitors. We may employ your personal information for various legal purposes, such as:

1. Delivering the products and services you've requested.
2. Verifying your compliance with our terms and conditions.
3. Improving our content and gathering feedback.
4. Contacting you when necessary regarding your website usage or product(s).
5. Sharing retail opportunities and promotional offers via email, direct mail, telemarketing, and online banner advertising.

When sharing your information with third parties, these parties may include providers of direct marketing services and applications. We or these third parties may also augment the information collected online with external records to better serve you, customize our content, and provide targeted advertising and other opportunities to purchase products and services we believe may interest you.

Important Note:  Your credit card information will  NEVER  be shared with third parties unless you explicitly grant us permission to do so, such as for fulfilling a third-party offer accepted from us. By permitting us to collect this information, you enable us to offer you free information about products and services that align with your interests and to personalize your experience with us, ensuring the highest quality of service. By submitting your email address on this website, you consent to receive emails from us and our third-party advertisers. We and our third-party advertisers may maintain separate email lists for various purposes. You have the option to unsubscribe from any of these email lists at any time by clicking the provided opt-out link or unsubscribe option within the respective email. Rest assured, we only send emails to individuals who have authorized us to contact them, either directly or through a third party. We do not engage in sending unsolicited commercial emails, as we share your aversion to spam.

Furthermore, by submitting your email address on this website or registering to receive the offered product and/or service, you acknowledge that such action constitutes a purchase, inquiry, or application under the Amended Telemarketing Sales Rule (ATSR), 16 CFR ‘310 et seq., and any applicable state and local "do not call" regulations. We and our third-party advertisers reserve the right to contact you via telemarketing in accordance with the ATSR and applicable state regulations.

Third Party Actions

We do not have control over, nor can we be held liable for, the actions of our third-party marketers or advertisers. While we take pride in partnering with reputable companies, we lack control over their actions. Though we are not accountable for any actions taken by these third parties, we encourage you to provide feedback on your experiences with any third parties we collaborate with, so that we can continually enhance our service to all our customers.

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