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AI- A Technology Taking Its First Steps

In the past year and a half, we have been bombarded with news and updates on the increased prevalence of AI. This news comes accompanied by fears of its potential and power. Many believe that AI will soon take over careers, governments, and even the world. …but in reality, current A.I. is much too harmless to be able to do any of these.

careers, governments, and even the world

Stages of AI

First off, let's deconstruct the assumption of power AI currently holds. There are three stages of Artificial intelligence: Artificial Narrow Intelligence, Artificial General Intelligence, and Artificial Superior Intelligence. We are currently in the infancy of Artificial Narrow Intelligence, defined as computer intelligence that can perform specific tasks. Even AI such as ChatGPT, which can be prompted to do various tasks, has only the specific capabilities of data consumption and mimicry. Artificial Narrow Intelligence has no capability of recognizing nuance, or critical thinking. Just as a Viceroy butterfly is not a Monarch butterfly just because it mimics its patterns, current A.I. does not have human capabilities just because it mimics it.

Artificial Narrow Intelligence, Artificial General Intelligence, and Artificial Superior Intelligence

AGI would be most similar to the capabilities people believe AI currently has. AGI would be defined as computing capable of performing multiple tasks, with a structure miming a Human Brain. This form of intelligence is decades away. We still do not fully understand the complexity of the brain, therefore creating Artificial Intelligence that can comprehend nuance and decision-making is still a fantasy. Furthermore, ASI is still currently just science fiction. ASI refers to computing capable of outperforming humans in almost every way, even in emotion. This form of intelligence is the monster most people imagine when fearing AI, but we are nowhere close to it. If the growth and development of AI were equivalent to the use of tools by humans, we would still not be in the stone age.

Advancement in technology can be frightening, especially when it can endanger our livelihoods and careers. However, these fears are years away from ever coming into fruition, and the most paramount effort in protecting ourselves if they ever do is understanding the goal and stages of A.I.

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