Kimya Rainge

Marketing Teacher

As a teacher, Kimya works to provide her students with an eye-opening view of the differences in our world today. Coming from industry, her objective as a marketing teacher is to influence future career paths and growth opportunities for students in an inclusive and engaging classroom environment. As a teacher, Kimya is able to accommodate the demands of a diverse group of students in a way that is challenging to all levels. Kimya is a winner in the classroom according to her past and present students. Kimya has had a successful career spanning over two decades working in Sales and Marketing with brands such as Russell Stovers Candies, TWIsM by Shaquille O’Neal, Mecca USA, ENYCE, Ecko Unlimited by Marc Ecko, G-Unit Clothing, and New Era.

Being a part of Fort Safety supports Kimya’s values inside and outside of the classroom. Kimya’s core values as a teacher and community member are embedded in her efforts to provide students with a quality education. She works hard to make sure every student feels valued, every day, and that her interactions with them leave them better prepared and more inspired. Kimya facilitates the growth of her scholars into individuals who can positively contribute to his or her own communities, and to society at large.